Our Vision & Values

Our Vision is to see a Bangladesh where all will have equal access to the skills, knowledge and opportunities they need to provide for themselves, be aware of their rights, and be free and able to express and defend them.

Our Mission is enhance and improve the social and economic security of local vulnerable groups, particularly children, women and the landless, by helping them to develop the skills and linkages they need to prosper in a sustainable way

The Values of our organization can be summarized as follows:
* Respect for and willingness to help others
* We appreciate the value of each individual

We see a request for support as an opportunity for mutual development
Willingness to learn from and honestly share with others
* Each interaction is an opportunity to improve and share our knowledge and skills.
* The more we learn the better our choices will be

Responsibility for our actions and their consequences
* We take responsibility for our own tasks and objectives
* We take pride in our successes, and keep working to overcome any challenges

Desire to solve problems without blame
* We focus on solutions, and learn from mistakes
* We overcome problems with long-term solutions

Our Strategy
To ensure we continue to contribute effectively to the development of local communities, we are currently carrying out a review of our Long-Term Strategic Plan. We have clear strategic planning and accordingly we are going ahead.